a performance that “speaks”

Performances that “speak” to me, are performances where I get lost in the music and forget that lets use the example: “Jessye Norman is singing Dido’s Lament”, and when I hear her sing that aria, it is as if the music is alive in my body and mind. There is no disconnect from my mind and body, the music and text is a part of my being. That has only happened to me a few times. Other performances that “speak” to me are ones with emotional connections to the music. For example, every time I hear something from Stephen Soundheim’s, Children of Eden, I get lost in my memories of performing that show. Now is it that the performance or the music? That’s where I think that this question can get tricky. What I mean is that, everything has an emotional connection in some way. Wether it be something that you have never heard, but the singer looks like your mom and so there is an emotional connection to the performance and therefore that performance can “speak” more to you, then if the person, aesthetics had no connection to your memory. Am I making sense?



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