Good example of a student…


This young woman is a very good example for me. There are things about this performance that I wish to be more like and things that I know I do not want to be like. For example, I really admire how she kept the same “voice” the entire song. What I mean by this, is as a young singer sometimes it is hard to keep a consistent sound. At least for me, I am always finding different ways how to use my instrument and sometimes I do this while I am performing…bad habit. Speaking of bad habits, one of heres was that she moved her body WAY too much in the beginning..but that of course could of been nerves. Nevertheless, this is something that I am working on, finding a balance between still and movement. No one wants to watch a board perform, but no one wants to get sea sick either…


Agnes Baltsa


there are too many things about this performance that I do not like, that I couldn’t make a list like I did for Stephanie…there are 3 critical issues for me about this performance.
1) Costume distraction, her white puffy sleeves seem to be not only in the audiences way, but her own and the conductor.
2) For the majority of the performance she looks drunk.
3) On the coloratura she sounds like she is a human machine gun, her air is intense.