Timed writing?

Pretty sure I did a few of these in the beginning of the semester, but never called it a “timed writing”. So here I am doing another one just in case I am missing one, and I’ll do a few more to make sure Im caught up. Anyways, at this moment I am listening to the small chorus part I will be performing next week in the Cincinnati Ballet’s production of the Nutcracker, and I am so excited!!! Granted it is only two pages of sing AH! but its my first real paid singing job. So I feel that that is something to be excited for. Funny how I’ve heard the nutcracker my entire life and never realized that there was singing in it. As I am listening to it, I am filled with emotions and so much excitement that I cannot put it into words, but this feeling right now is why I am doing this. This moment of knowing that I will be part of such a huge, gorgeous sound is worth all the stress of school and auditions. ( I just restarted it, if I play it 3 times it will be almost 20 minutes)

I wonder what it will be like to perform with such a huge ensemble. Yes, I have sung with a choir and symphony before, but I have never been part of an ensemble that had dancers, professional costuming, make up, lights, etc. The only big productions I have ever been a part of was when I was a silent extra in the Cincinnati opera, and when I sang in the Columbus Symphony choir. The one holiday season I was in the CSC (Columbus), I remember being so excited to perform. At that time in my life, I was interning at Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s autism clinic in Westerville, OH. I was taking my last class at Ohio State, as a transfer student ( my degree is from Ohio University), and working at Bed Bath and Beyond. Sometimes that feels like another life-time ago. Remembering that I have a degree in Psychology and applied it to a professional job at one point, sometimes feels foreign….That holiday season with the choir was a pivotal turning point for me and effect the next crucial decisions I would make that would bring me here to Miami.


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