Chapter 6, Mental Characteristics…

Mental Characteristics of Peak Performers… When I first read this title I immediately thought about a tough, hard bodied cirque du solie performer. Tough on the stage and in the gym. Obviously, this is not what we are talking about in this book and this blog, but the work ethic is the same. So what was the first topic in this chapter? Mental Toughness…

Mental Toughness…something that I am constantly working on. I have a tendency to either deflect negativity or absorb it. Lately, I have been getting better on taking a step back, observing the criticism,and then seeing how I should take it. This change in me is from my recent finding of trust in myself…I work extremely hard, and its okay that I am not perfect. I have to have the courage to trust my instrument and the courage to accept it. Again, this boils back to self-confidence and taking responsibility for my actions, and being positive.

Positive. This seems to be the vain of my existence at the moment. I must be positive or else this semester will eat me alive! I am already feeling like a panicked psycho. Today I said the most bizarre sentence and the people I was talking to looked up at me in amazement. They couldn’t even comprehend what I was saying, let alone I couldn’t comprehend what I was even thinking! In the book she talks about Permanence, Pervasiveness and Personalization. Pervasiveness is what I need to work on more, I am trying to learn how to compartmentalize my issues. Ah! What a great thought that was!!! Compartmentalize. That’s what I need to start with, in regards to my performance anxiety, etc.I am a self-focus individual and I need to be a sound-focus individual.



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